New Computing Architecture

Interesting blog post at ZD IT Link:

“The chief architect of IBM’s systems thinks the industry is on the cusp on creating new computing architecture that will allow applications to run some subset of their operation on top of storage servers rather than compute servers.”

Okay, so you run some application code on pSeries and xSeries servers and some on IBM N Series (NAS filers OEM-ed from NetApp). What applications, except NDVM backup, run on NetApp’s OnTap OS? I don’t know of (m)any. Then where does N Series fit into this new architecture?

“According to Rod Atkins, IBM is building prototypes of hybrid systems that will allow portions of a database to execute directly on a storage server powered by a P series processor.”

Oops, it looks like it doesn’t. If they keep reselling NetApp, won’t IBM end up with two storage server solutions – the absolutely proprietary N Series and the relatively proprietary pSeries?

This doesn’t sound like unified storage to me: N Series for serving file, iSCSI and FC storage and pSeries storage servers for executing “portions of a database”. I hope they won’t make pSeries storage servers use storage provisioned by an N Series filer, that would be a little too complicated!


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