Eliminate Google annoyances by relinquishing your privacy

Objective: avoid getting useless results from Google without giving up on your privacy.

Solution: unknown.

Rant: All right, so here I am, a Google user who values privacy. I don’t want to “personalize Google” – I prefer to Customize Google (see http://www.customizegoogle.com; allows you to anonymize Google cookies and block ads) instead and I set Firefox to wipe out everything (cache, cookies, history) upon program exit, which means I have to configure my search preferences every time I open the browser and visit a non-English Google site. Fair enough.
Does this mean they should serve me useless search results? I hope not. Search results can be tailored for whatever kind of cookie I get during each browser session, so if I click on English results 99.99% of the time, why is Google constantly high-ranking me non-English results I never click on?

Luckily the new Customize Google has a feature (Preferences > Sticky Google Preferences > Interface Language) that allows me to automatically access their English GUI and have Safe Search turned off. It’s interesting how these preferences stick around while the cookie is around, but the search engine doesn’t customize search results based on client’s clicking behavior. I guess the solution is to browse Google logged on to my Gmail account or use its personalized features. I think I’ll pass.


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