Customize Google for MS IE

September 30, 2007

Finally, it’s available:

A big thank you to the developer.

Additional cool MSIE extensions here:


Search Plugin Weirdness

September 1, 2007

The other day a posted a working Firefox Scroogle search plugin. It worked for me, but just for the day. The next day, I got all the other (Google, Ask, etc.) search engine plugins in my Firefox, but Scroogle just wouldn’t appear.

The last, desperate step was to delete all search plugins except scroogle.xml from the Firefox searchplugins directory and restart Firefox. To my greatest amazement, Ask, Live and few others still appeared in the Firefox drop-down list of search engine choices! All of them except the one that was in the darn searchplugins directory – scroogle.xml. Is this weird or what?

Anyway, today I found another working Scroogle plugin here: It works fine.