Oracle and Hypervisors

November 13, 2007

A piece on Oracle’s hypervisor news says that Oracle offers virtualization at a cost that’s lower than competitors’ prices.”

But, according to a article, “Microsoft said … that it will sell its new virtualization technology separately from its Windows Server operating system, in addition to as a bundle.” A stand-alone MS hypervisor will sell for a cheap $28.

Obviously, compared to Microsoft’s hypervisor pricing, any savings would be insignificant. The loser number one would be VMware (ESX Server) and the two main enterprise Linux vendors, Red Hat and Novell, share the second place. Only VMware’s stock tanked, though. Why? I guess not many folks believed that the OS vendors would make any money from their free hypervisor solution in the first place.

The Microsoft news seems more significant. Now that it’s clear than even commercial enterprise hypervisors are going freeware, this means that the battlefield is moving towards cloud management.

Oracle’s first take at Red Hat’s piece of cake – Unbreakable Linux – didn’t quite work out (one still needs to support whatever binaries apart from Oracle’s run on the OS), but this time, with “container VMs” they could be more successful. You have a free hypervisor, a free DB-tuned open source OS and your own scalable database. Wouldn’t it now make sense for Oracle to acquire one of promising VM management vendors and round up its grid/cloud computing story?