Hardware Junkie’s Incremental Fix

This is totally irrelevant (yeah, I know, not different from the rest of the blog), but I blew few hundred bucks on few new toys for my home:

a) Even more Power Over Ethernet (PoE). I now have a dedicated home network for non-multimedia data.

b) A nice 24″ 16×9 monitor for … I don’t know for what, but I bought it and it looks great even when it’s powered off.

c) A “home” (read: el cheapo) GbE switch for the five data-intensive computers. Wow, I didn’t realize I’d use up all the ports the first day… If the thing had four ports (or if I had six computers), I’d go nuts.

What’s my point? Well, this was one of best investments in my hardware junkie carrier.

Benefits (so far):

  1. Can watch TV and movies over existing Power-over-Ethernet and at the same time copy ISOs or run backup over the new PoE network.
  2. My notebook backup that used to take like 6-7 hours over WLAN (during that time I couldn’t do much with it) now takes 2 hours. I do connect the notebook to GbE LAN now (for some reason the notebook connects to GbE switch at 100Mbps – maybe it’s the cable – but at least the backup server runs at 1000Mbps).
  3. The monitor is awesome. This was the most expensive of the three and I have to say I bought it “just like that” (snapping my fingers) – didn’t do any research, just pointed at the nicest & largest of the monitors in the shop… Ah well. Anyway, the benefit is that I can open like nine shell windows at the same time (of course, I mean without overlapping, cascading, etc.) . And when I start Excel and leave Excel Zoom at 100% I can still see up to column W and row 57.

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