pdfforge Toolbar 1.0

Watch out for the “free” pdfforge Toolbar that installs with PDF Creator and then “helps you” redirect to a “helpful” search page.


3 Responses to pdfforge Toolbar 1.0

  1. Roger says:

    I underline this.

    Stay away – in my experience seems to be serious malware.

    Is it safe to uninstall pdfforge Toolbar 1.0 because it asks to be allowed access in uninstalling. I got rid of PDF Creator successfully (I think)



  2. derykmarl says:

    This explains where “Search Settings” came from.

    Have you figured out how to get rid of it? I’ve uninstalled PDFcreator, searched through the uninstaller for “Search settings”, gone to their website and installed then uninstalled the “Delio” toolbar to try and kill it that way, ran Lavasoft Adaware.. it just won’t DIE!

    Any suggestions for a PDFcreator alternative that doesn’t come bundled with crapware would also be gratefully received.

    • sean says:

      I guess it’s easier on Vista. What I did:
      a) uninstall the app and associated adware (anything I saw and didn’t remember I ever installed)
      b) Scan with AVG A-V and remove any threats
      c) Upgrade to MSIE8
      [I can’t tell which step helped, but one of them did]

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