Non-English Vista SP1 RC1 / RTM Build 6001.18000 “Early Release”

February 13, 2008

Today I carelessly applied the Vista SP1 registry patch circulating on the Internet and – it worked. My non-English Vista is being upgraded to SP1 6001.18000 as I type.

Before this I had Windows Vista with a SP1 beta (x86, in non-English language). If you have SP1 Release Candiate now, uninstall it first, then reboot, run the batch file, reboot again, run Windows Update (you’ll need to install some incremental updates and reboot 3-4 times until you finally reach KB937287 (SP1 installer) and finally SP1 RC1 itself).

I had an issue with a failing security patch related to WebDAV (couldn’t install) but it got around it by disabling WebDAV service.

NOTE: Before you save the patch, rename it to *.bat and use it, open it with a text editor and make sure there are no extra spaces or strange characters in it. Also make a backup of your registry and create a system restore point. Use the patch on your own risk.