Expected to Crash Often

May 3, 2008

Today I came across this page with some tips for NFS clusters (emphasis mine):

“The server side of NFS allows no real configuration for performance or reliability. Default asynchronous writes are not very risky unless you expect your disk servers to crash often.

Maybe the fact that the page is about redundant NFS clusters tells us that do expect the servers to crash often enough 😉


Getting Windows 2003 Service Pack into a Hyper-V Guest VHD

May 3, 2008

You install Windows 2003 Hyper-V guest and you can’t install add-ons required to get access to the network because it’s a pre-SP1 Windows OS. You can’t copy/download the SP to the VM because it’s got no network adapters.

Solution 1: the VHD mount script posted here. Shut the VM down, mount the VHD and copy the SP (and whatever you want) to that disk. I used the PowerShell version because it’s shorter and – of course – again got stuck with the unsigned PowerShell script problem. This time, though, I reused the “worst practice” workaround that I wrote about here. Done! To unmount, Save As… and add “un” before “mount” in the last line.

Solution 2: In your Hyper-V manager right-click on your (host) server and select Edit Disk.

So far I’ve been happy with Hyper-V although I’ve unnecessarily wasted too much time trying to get Windows XP x64 going (not supported).