Virtual Server could not open its emulated Ethernet switch driver

December 1, 2008

If you’re here that means you’re probably having problems with MS VS 2005 R2.

I have a Broadcome NetXtreme GbE NIC (only one). Unlike blog posts found in top Google searches, my case didn’t involve any change of configuration that I know of. It just stopped working one day. I therefore used a less invasive approach:

a) Update the Broadcom GbE driver (

b) Uninstall VM Network Services

c) Reboot the box and install VM Network Services again.

This worked for me. Maybe b & c alone would have sufficed.


Hardware Junkie’s Incremental Fix

May 28, 2008

This is totally irrelevant (yeah, I know, not different from the rest of the blog), but I blew few hundred bucks on few new toys for my home:

a) Even more Power Over Ethernet (PoE). I now have a dedicated home network for non-multimedia data.

b) A nice 24″ 16×9 monitor for … I don’t know for what, but I bought it and it looks great even when it’s powered off.

c) A “home” (read: el cheapo) GbE switch for the five data-intensive computers. Wow, I didn’t realize I’d use up all the ports the first day… If the thing had four ports (or if I had six computers), I’d go nuts.

What’s my point? Well, this was one of best investments in my hardware junkie carrier.

Benefits (so far):

  1. Can watch TV and movies over existing Power-over-Ethernet and at the same time copy ISOs or run backup over the new PoE network.
  2. My notebook backup that used to take like 6-7 hours over WLAN (during that time I couldn’t do much with it) now takes 2 hours. I do connect the notebook to GbE LAN now (for some reason the notebook connects to GbE switch at 100Mbps – maybe it’s the cable – but at least the backup server runs at 1000Mbps).
  3. The monitor is awesome. This was the most expensive of the three and I have to say I bought it “just like that” (snapping my fingers) – didn’t do any research, just pointed at the nicest & largest of the monitors in the shop… Ah well. Anyway, the benefit is that I can open like nine shell windows at the same time (of course, I mean without overlapping, cascading, etc.) . And when I start Excel and leave Excel Zoom at 100% I can still see up to column W and row 57.

Non-English Vista SP1 RC1 / RTM Build 6001.18000 “Early Release”

February 13, 2008

Today I carelessly applied the Vista SP1 registry patch circulating on the Internet and – it worked. My non-English Vista is being upgraded to SP1 6001.18000 as I type.

Before this I had Windows Vista with a SP1 beta (x86, in non-English language). If you have SP1 Release Candiate now, uninstall it first, then reboot, run the batch file, reboot again, run Windows Update (you’ll need to install some incremental updates and reboot 3-4 times until you finally reach KB937287 (SP1 installer) and finally SP1 RC1 itself).

I had an issue with a failing security patch related to WebDAV (couldn’t install) but it got around it by disabling WebDAV service.

NOTE: Before you save the patch, rename it to *.bat and use it, open it with a text editor and make sure there are no extra spaces or strange characters in it. Also make a backup of your registry and create a system restore point. Use the patch on your own risk.